Shine Six Keys to Success

Shine Kids Fitness Six Keys to Success

These six keys to success are the building blocks for all the decision making that has founded the expansion and success of Shine Kids Fitness to date.

  1. Commitment to Every Child Shining Bright with Integrity from the Inside Out

Once a child enters the Shine environment, Shine and its staff must be committed to providing a premium child building experience. This is accomplished through the inclusion of the fundamental Shine “core values” within Shine’s programming and direct child interactions. Doing so will ensure each child shines bright from the inside out while being the best possible version of their unique selves.

  1. Commitment to Building a Fun and Inviting Experience where Every Child Feels Welcome and Important

When each child participating with Shine feels included and relevant, he/she will be capable of learning and benefitting from Shine’s environment. This is key to achieving the fun factor, key to the children feeling important and key to the opening of every child’s mind to learning and benefitting from the core values we at Shine exude.

  1. Commitment to Franchisee Success

The only way Shine Kids Fitness can ensure the continued success and profitability of Shine is to ensure the success of its franchisees. Shine Kids Fitness will continually monitor and support its franchisees while providing ongoing guidance and feedback in order to achieve success together.

  1. Commitment to Supporting Local Non-profit organizations

Shine Kids Fitness franchisees, staff and management recognize community as a key core value.  Each franchise has their own non-profit organization of choice to support in their local communities. 

  1. Commitment to Providing a Community of Value

            Each Shine Kids Fitness location provides great value on several levels. The first level of value is experienced by the children we help provide a positive engendering experience to. The next level is experienced by the families of these children, as they receive the benefit of having happier healthier children. The third level of value is experienced by the community. Specifically, the community of families that have benefitted from the positive experience that all started back on location with each Shine location. Maintaining this holistic view of the value of Shine on all its levels is necessary to fully realize Shine’s potential in your community.

  1. Commitment to Staff and Franchisees Living their Ideal Lives

We can achieve a balanced and responsible lifestyle by living responsibly and embodying the values we teach and instill in those we are around. We, at Shine Kids Fitness, believe that the moral compass and guiding principles we were founded upon guide us towards our ideal lives. Shine Kids Fitness looks forward to all franchisees embracing their ideal life while using and adhering to the Shine core values.