Shine Camps

Learn, Be Active, Get Creative and HAVE FUN with Shine Kids Fitness Camps!

"A FUN environment where children learn to love their own unique selves through fitness of body & mind."

Shine Kids Fitness offers a variety of camps including day camps during the school year and summer camps running from July through August.


Camps offer so many benefits for children ages 3 to 10. Children have a chance to form meaningful friendships that normally would not blossom during 30 or 60 minute classes. They learn independence and self-help skills in a supportive and caring environment. They learn to be part of a community; cooperating with, teaching, and learning from their peers. Children also have the opportunity to be exposed to many different types of activities in a short period of time, such as yoga, dance, art, musical games, and sports. This exposure during Shine Camps helps children to identify their likes and strengths in a fun and playful environment.

Each camp week includes a new theme that incorporates Fitness, Yoga, DANCEPL3Y,  Sports & Games, Art, Nature & More!

Our camps are facilitated by elementary school teachers and certified fitness professionals.

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