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Welcome to Shine Kids Fitness

Shine Kids Fitness was founded by 3 individuals who value a healthy lifestyle and are

passionate about inspiring children to be the very best versions of themselves.
At Shine, we recognize the importance of having a healthy mind and body from as young an age as possible.

So, we decided to create a company that could deliver to children the health and happiness they deserve.

Being active is directly connected to being happy! Through super FUNtastic classes, taught by our team of dedicated, certified instructors, our goal is to deliver a unique blend of kid-friendly dance fitness & yoga classes …. Like regular fitness classes, only dipped in awesome-sauce just the way kids like it! From yoga to dodge ball, maybe even yoga-dodge ball, each child’s participation will instil in them a bounty of confidence, mindfulness and physical health.  All of our Shine programs promote physical literacy - "the motivation, confidence and ability to stay active for life". By empowering our children with these tools, we enable them to blaze their own path far into their future.

We are committed to helping children to love their own unique selves and to shine brightly.

As parents, we know what we want for our children…the best!

At Shine we strive to deliver nothing less than the best to your children!



Our Mission: To provide a welcoming, fun and playful environment for all children to learn to love their own unique selves through fitness of body and mind.

Our Vision: Creating a world where every person shines with confidence and integrity from the inside out.


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